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Musings from M.E. is my monthly-ish newsletter. Below you will find a mix of my latest published work; favorite personal essays from years past; book recommendations; good news about writer friends; and random thoughts on matters related to writing and reading.

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Musings from M.E.



Connect, the member magazine of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums

This AZA assignment gave me the chance to revisit my fundraising days and get to know a bit about an amazing and generous animal lover in my old stomping grounds. We bonded over our love for the Phoenix Zoo. 

Check out Big Picture Philantropy.


My New Gig! Is It Just Me?

Nothing could make me happier than returning to my column-writing roots. Joe Hamilton, publisher of The Catalyst and co-founder, The St. Petersburg Group, has hired me to write a monthly column for a new and evolving website, downtownstpete.comIs It Just Me? features my stories about life in St. Pete – a place that is often quirky, sometimes exasperating, always interesting.

Here are my first two columns. Enjoy!

Blog Recommendation:
Don't Make Me Turn This Van Around

If any of my St. Pete friends aren’t reading Jon Kile’s blog, you should be! And for the rest of you, take my word for it that Jon and his family have an amazing story. It’s his to tell, but I can’t resist saying that I think you’ll be inspired by their attitude and entertained by their adventures.

The latest from my friend, Marshall Craig