Mary Ellen Angies Cartoon

Working with a freelancer should be FUN, PRODUCTIVE, and STRESS-FREE.   That’s my goal.

  • Regardless of the type and scope of your project, I will start by learning who your audience is and what you want to say to them.
  • If you have sources you want me to interview, that’s great. If you want me to find potential interviewees, that’s fine too.
  • I have an informal interview style that puts even publicity-shy people at ease, resulting in relevant information and great quotes.

And if you’ve written something that needs an EDITOR …. I can make your work sound just like you, only better, by eliminating passive verbs, needless modifiers, and choppy sentences.

Contact me with project details, expectations and deadlines and we can discuss hourly rates and project fees.  Click on my Portfolio to see examples of my work.