Mary Ellen Book Face


I assumed I would become an English professor until I worked in Northeastern University’s English Department while in graduate school and had a front row seat to tenure battles and whiny faculty meetings.  No thanks.  I finished the master’s, moved into administration, and landed in college alumni relations and fundraising – an unlikely career for someone who hates to mingle.

I stuck it out until my husband, John, and I embarked on a mid-life adventure that took us from Boston to Phoenix, where I made the successful leap from fundraiser to freelancer. I’ve learned that I am happiest working solo, writing perfect sentences, and producing articles, profiles, marketing materials, web copy, and anything else my clients want. 


My writing sweet spot is telling slice-of-life stories that make people laugh, cry, or say, “We must have been separated at birth." I’ve written a community column for The Arizona Republic; a syndicated humor column for Angie’s List Magazine; and am currently the voice behind Is It Just Me? – a monthly column for

I’ve been at this long enough that my family often responds to odd or interesting experiences by saying, “That’s a column.” Most of the time, they are right.